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Tribal Hafla Vol. 2


Tribal Hafla Vol. 2

2010. aastal korraldas Müstika oma esimese Tribal Hafla! Esinejaid ja külalisi oli nii välismaalt kui Eestist.
Meil on rõõm teatada, et selle aasta 12. oktoobril on Tribal Hafla tagasi!

Lisaks Haflale toimuvad erinevad workshopid, tegevused ja mängud kõigile!
Esinejatel palume eelregistreerida e-maili teel: info@mystika.ee

NB! Kohtade arv on piiratud!


It was year 2010 when Müstika organised it's first Tribal Hafla! We had many international guests as well as many performers from all around Estonia. We are so happy to say today, that we shall have the second Tribal Hafla this year in october! ♥ ♥ ♥

And the guest teacher of our Tribal Hafla Weekend is Manca Pavli from Slovenia!!!!!

We shall have 3 workshops :

Saturday 12.10
11.00 - 13.00 From Tribal to Fusion – the elementals of Tribal Fusion

We will explore the evolution of Tribal Style trough the basics of American Tribal style and the specific technique, which is characteristic for Tribal. We will start with an intense warm up trough yoga and drilling. The emphasis will be on understanding the difference between cabare and Tribal Fusion movements and technique – precise isolations, posture and arm movements will be introduced. This workshop is appropriate for beginners and for advanced dancers, who are looking for an in-depth review of technique and a challenge.

Break 30 min

13.30 - 15.30 DYNAMIC VARIATIONS in ATS®

Building from the beauty of the movements of the FCBD® vocabulary based on the steps of FCBD vol 9, we will develop spicy variety by adding new movements, group dynamics and duet work. Manca puts a lot of emphasis on strong, engaged, fluid and elegant arms and perfecting technique in the ATS® movement vocabulaty so come ready to polish, shine and have fun!

20.00 Hafla

Doors: 19.00
And on saturday evening we shall have a Tribal Hafla!
No, it won't be just a regular show. We shall have different games, Competition Dueling Duet for ATS dancers and other activities for YOU! ;)


11.00 - 13.00 Hit it! -A Belly dancer’s guide to pop, lock and drop!

Live on the edge and move trough your music with sharp locks, contrasting pops and crazy drops! The workshop will start with conditioning exercises that will show you a way to get strong muscle contractions and perfect control in your isolations – including exercises for your lower abdominals and other muscle groups that are hard to find and keep fit. We will search for true quality in movements and focus on the importance of clean isolations and adding fire to your dance! We will put the isolations into sequences and put those together into combinations that are perfect for your drum solo performance or technically challenging music.

1 ws 40 EUR
2 ws 75 EUR
3 ws 100 EUR

Hafla ticket: 10EUR - booked in advance, on the spot 15EUR

Registration for workshops: info@mystika.ee
Registration for performance: info@mystika.ee
NB! Spots are limited.
About the teacher Manca Pavli:

An international dance artist – Manca Pavli is constantly touring the world, teaching and performing Tribal style belly dance. She is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she also runs her own dance and yoga school and directs her dance company.

For many years, Manca was the teaching assistant of Rachel Brice at the annual Belly Dance Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. Manca credits Rachel as the most important influence on her own teaching techniques and dance style. In San Francisco, where she trained extensively, she got certified in Suhaila Salimpour Level 2, in American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and also deeply nurtured her love of yoga. After a decade of practice, she also became a certified yoga teacher in 2015.
In fall 2009 she joined the Bellydance Superstars as a guest Tribal dancer on their European tour of England, France and Morocco.
Manca is the artistic director and choreographer of the Amaya Dance Company which last toured Europe with the Infusion Project show and the director of Tribal Bliss festival in Ljubljana.

She also often joines her dance passion with her study at the department of anthropology in Ljubljana, where she researched history, dance and culture.

All workshops will take place in Mystika Dance Studio, Tatari 64, 6th floor. Tallinn, Estonia

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