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Arabic Music Intensive Weekend


Arabic Music Intensive Weekend


We will have interesting Workshops, Lectures and a Forum
The Location will be warm and cozy Mystika Dance Studio, Tallinn, Estonia, address Tatari 64, 6th floor.

Arabic Music Intensive teachers and guest artists will be Chronis Taxidis, Vera Voijchenko (Elmira), Tuija Rinne & Berit Aicha Vill. More artists will be announced very soon!

PROGRAM 12-14. April:


  • 10.00-11.30 - History and categories of arabic music with examples and theory, 1,5h lecture and samples, Chronis Taxidis, 25 EUR
  • 11.30 -13.00 - 1,5h Live baladi solo.
    What is baladi? A practical workshop about rhythms, musicality, explaining technique and improvisation, for all levels, Chronis Taxidis & Berit Vill, 35 EUR
  • Lunch break 30 min
  • 13.30– 14.30 - 1h - Expressions in Arabic Language, Tuija Rinne, 20 EUR
    In our dance we tell a story without words, our dance is a story itself. We don't need words to dance. Why then should we learn Arabic? Because, first of all, it is interesting. Also, understanding the cultural background of our dance is important. Having an idea of the lyrics of the song we perform gives profoundness to our expression.In the workshop we will have an idea about how the Arabic language works and learn some basic words and phrases that are useful for Oriental dancers.We will concentrate on Egyptian Arabic, which is the most widely used in the lyrics of Arabic songs.We will use transcription, no need to know the Arabic script.
    No previous knowledge of Arabic is needed.
  • Break 15 min
  • 14.45-16.45 - 2h Belorussian and Egyptian style technique mix
    – Fusion in belly dance, a combination of movements from various styles (modern, flamenco, ballet) on the example of dancing tangles. Egypt and Russian styles mix. Vera Voijchenko (Elmira) 30 EUR

(If you would like to perform, please send your registration to berit@mystika.ee)
Ticket: 12 EUR

Also possible to order Oriental Buffet 11 EUR for 1 person includes: sambosek with cheese and spimach, 2 dulma, hummus, garlic hummus, baba ghnoush, tabboula salad, Kabseh rice with vegetable and chicken and yogurt sauce, Dessert: Kunafa with pistachio.
Drinks should be purchased separately.


  • 10.00 – 11.00 Lecture – Shaabi.
    What is shaabi? What are the roots of shaabi? What are the different types of shaabi? What costumes should be worn performing shaabi? These questions and many more will be answered by Vera Voijchenko (Elmira) , 15 EUR
  • 11.00-13.00 - 2h Shaabi choreography workshop for intermediate and advanced belly dancers,
    30 EUR, Vera Voijchenko (Elmira)
  • 13.30 – 15.00 “The Round Table of oriental dance”.
    An open seminar about copyrights in music and dance. Speakers: Chronis Taxidis, Berit Aicha Vill, Elmira, Tuija and other guests.
    Would you like to take part of the seminar? Please let us know by writing to berit@mystika.ee Ticket 5 EUR includes snacks and coffee

EXTRAS: We can also offer private workshops withal the teachers:
- darbouka playing technique
- finger cymbals playing technique
- belly dance technique
- consultations & feedback
- custom-made group choreography
Please ask for more details.

(Ask by writing to berit@mystika.ee) Price depends on the number of people.
During workshops we can offer the smaller studio for rent.
Studio rent for 1 person + teacher – Price 6 EUR
Studio rent for 2 persons + teacher – Price 10 EUR
Studio rent for 3 persons or more + teacher – Price 15 EUR

Registration to workshops: berit@mystika.ee

♥ Welcome to Estonia! ♥