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Five pin-up beauties frolicking in the beach on a hot summer day. Palm trees, a light breeze, sand, waves and the scorching sun that all makes these girls act naughty.
Whether they be angry birds, chickens with their heads cut off or birds who lost their way on their autumn trip, these feathered friends have something to show. Feeding the birds is strictly forbidden because otherwise they will never fly away again ...
Secrets are hidden beneath every bored housewife's faded dress and rubber gloves and as we know, secrets have an interesting habit of coming to light ...
A sea rolling in the stormy foam of autumn. The helmsman gives his all to keep the ship on course. The mast cracks. The captain takes a sip of rum and hope to be able set foot on solid ground once again. A solitary light appears from a distance... An undine? A lighthouse? Longing?
She went out at night just to dance but there is music You fall victim to, there are dances that capture You, there are nights after which nothing is the same. Tango is the vertical solution to horisontal wishes.
This zesty and dashing number takes us straight into the heart of the 1920s America. Showgirls and a wild nightlife - the shorter the skirts, the longer the parties. Everyone's dancing like there's no tomorrow and the only thing that counts is Jazz.
Life is a battle. A griveous, hard and bloddy battle. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth... But when the battle is won, what happens next? Watch and You shall find out!
Her Royal Highness, the future Queen, in all her honour and glory, is winning and breaking hearts whilst accompanied by upbeat neoclassical music. Our pink cotton candy and white feather princess can fit her ego on every stage where she can tease the audience with a sparkle in her eyes.
Lola's younger sister, the diva Silky is now Yours on the stage. Dark cognac bars hide a femme fatale whose ladylike manner is only apparent in her appearance. An upbeat Burlesque number in a dark vintage costume.
Asia, drama, Geishas, dragons, fans, ideals, alternatives - this is not just any fun Burlesque number that excudes the glamour of Hollywood or pin-up. This is something darker, something much more fragile, much more dramatic. It is a combination of the traditional Japanese Geisha performance in the key of Neo-Burlesque where the costumes are big, the fans even bigger and the music sends shivers down Your spine.
An upbeat and frisky vintage style Burlesque show number. A grandiose costume, truly classic show elements and a tempestuous culmination with tassels - an ideal candy for the eye to tickle the nerves of the audience. A performance that remains in the memories of the members of the audience for a long while after the party is over.
Foggy back alleys, mewling cats, basement bars heavy with cigar smoke.
A sensual and glamorous number inspired by the Hollywood movies of the 1950s and vintage Burlesque. The different shades of love ... passion, drama, joy ...