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Burlesque is an entertaining form of art that blends dance, theatrical performances, costume drama and all of this in a sensual manner. A burlesque lesson consists of different parts: walking (from walking to undressing in the most sensual way), dancing (how to perform in a theatrical and sexy manner, learning different choreographies), theatre (projecting emotions to the audience, building a show, creating characters).

Burlesque Special – above all, this is a lesson for those who have dreamed of performing on a stage at least once, whether alone or with someone. In this class, we focus most on how to express yourself on the stage and discover and develop the tools necessary for that; how to create a character to present on the stage and how to communicate with co-performers on the stage and the audience. We do a lot of “theatrical exercises” in the form of etudes and improvisations and learn to express ourselves with all we have got so that one beautiful day we would be ready to shine on the stage in front of the audience.

MTÜ Burlesque Estonia

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