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Inanna International Iraqi Dance Festival workshop descriptions

Inanna International Iraqi Dance Festival workshop descriptions


1. Conference (dance lecture) - Assala and Guests - 40 EUR

• Iraqi dance history with slideshow
• Public discussion about the history
• Present and future of Iraqi dance in the world.

2. Raqs el Kawliya - Assala with live music and music lecture -2,5h- 85 EUR

Raqs Al Kawliya is one of the oldest dance style in Iraqi dance. This dance is filled with a wide range of emotions that range from power and passion to joy and harmony. The rich emotions that are expressed are the fundamentals in this dance style. In this workshop we will learn how to interpret the Iraqi music with typical Kawliya dance moves. Expressing the meaning of the songs will help us to dive deeply in the expression of this dance style.

The workshop will include:

• Brief explanation of The Roots, History, and Character of Raqs el Kawliya
• Integrating the concept of this dance style in our body
• Basic technique
• Turns 
• Spinning variety of the head and hair 
• Powerful and soft hip techniques and shimmies
• Hops and Floor Work Technique
• Short combinations to integrate in your own choreography
• Introduction of some Iraqi Rhythms
3. Iraqi dance - Yana style -1h- 40 EUR
Iraqi dance stylized by Yana Tsehotskaya

Yana created a dance style that is acknowledged and admired worldwide.
She will show you her typical Iraqi dance techniques, starting with the following:
• Basic, combos and advance dance moves. 
• Explaining some tips for dance expression
• Setting glamourous Iraqi dance intro routine.

4. Hachaa dance - Assala with live music & music lecture – 2h - 80 EUR
Hachaa dance (Dance with Daggers)
It is a traditional Iraqi dance style. This dance style is very tied to its music. It is performed mainly with an Iraqi music rhythm which is called el Hachaa Rhythm. 
Poetry of the songs played an important part in the dance and its expression. With live music of hachaa the dance will be an amazing experience.

The workshop will include:
• Brief explanation of The Roots, History, and Character of daggers dance
• Hachaa Rhythm
• Basic technique of the daggers
• Turns
• Spinning variety of the head and hair 
• Powerful hip techniques and shimmies with daggers moves
• Hops and Floor Work Technique with daggers moves
• Short combinations

5. Raqs Benat El Rief and Basrawi –Assala with live music & music lecture -2,5h- 85 EUR

Benat Alrief means in Arabic daughters of the countryside. In a conservative society like Iraq, it was not easy for women to dance in public, so the Roma kawliya dancers were the first female dancers who joined public events like weddings and other families festivities. 
Soon their performances started to enrich the Iraqi movies and theatres. We will learn the old style which was the basic of today kawliya style. 
We will learn their concept that make their dance look, simple, fluid and natural, and sill very refined.

Basrawi dance; Basra city, the home town of Assala Ibrahim, is very famous with this dance style that very similar to khaleeji dance, but still has an Iraqi touch that makes it more lively. With live music some rythms will be explained that are very typical to Basrawi dance.

6. Khaleeji – Irina Belopolskaya - 40 EUR
Irina, is a pioneer dancer of the khaleeji dance style. She has made beautiful Khaleeji choreographies. She will explain us the following
• How to understand the Khaleeji Music
• How to create simple combos that we could put together in a short beautiful choreography
7. Khashaba Dance - Assala with live music & music lecture - 80 EUR

The word Khashaba comes from the Arabic “Khashab”, meaning “wood”, and it is thought that the first performers were boat-builders and ship’s carpenters.

With time, the new instruments and Arabic songs enriched the repertoire of El Khashaba music and the dance became more sophisticated and refined. Many female dancers started to show khashaba dance in Public.
In this dance style you will discover many raqs sharqi dance moves and techniques that are totally melted into the Iraqi dance spirit and character.
This is a dance style from south Iraq. Basra city is where typical Iraqi dance moves melted with raqs sharqi moves.

8. Gala Show and Inanna Dance Award – 20 EUR, Saturday 22. September at 20:00
In this exclusive gala you will see the teachers and guest solo dancers of the festival performing with live music. Within this concert there will also be a ceremony for Inanna Dance Awards.
The concert lasts 2 hours.

9. Competition & Hafla - 10 EUR, Friday 21.september at 19:00

10. Excursion to the old town of Tallinn - 7 EUR, Sunday evening + dinner( has to be paid separately)