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Good to know

What to wear to class and Müstika’s house and payment rules

Belly dance – long, comfortable pants are recommended, such as yoga pants or leggings, a close-fitting top and socks or dance shoes with leather soles. It is possible to dance barefoot as well but we recommend wearing socks! A pretty and colourful or sparkly scarf may be tied around the hips. J

Sometimes we also use: leg warmers, knee guards (dependent on the material for the class!)

ATS – in the advanced lesson we also use a big and very wide skirt.

Fusion – You are welcome to use your imagination is this class!

PS! Müstika administrators are obligated to mark up all the students attending lessons for security reasons. We also ask that You pay for the lessons according to the following:

  1. In cash to the administrator or by bank-transfer to the MTÜ Müstika stuudio account – belly dance, ATS.


  1. In cash to the teacher or by bank-transfer to the teacher if so agreed upon –  burlesque, tribal fusion, twerk

1. Payment for the Müstika Dance Studio lessons is done on a monthly, one-time.

2. You can pay in cash to the administrator or by bank-transfer.

3. The monthly payment is paid in advance for the month and a one-time payment is paid before the lesson.

4. The due date for the monthly payments is the 3rd day of each month. If You wish to pay later than that, we ask that You notify us ahead of time by e-mail so that we can agree on a later payment date.

5. If You miss the payment date and/or do not notify us about it, Müstika Dance Studio has the right to add 10,00€ (ten Euros) to the monthly payment.

6. Payments for the lessons will not apply to a third party.

7. Payments for the lessons and missed lessons are non-refundable.

8. Missed lessons can be made up for during the same month, in a lower level class of the same style. Missed lessons of the previous month can not be made up for during the following month before paying for that month.

9. Missed lessons can not be given to a third party.

10. Payments for the lessons and missed lessons are non-refundable, except in cases of illnesses of at least 7 days, upon presenting a doctor’s certificate.

1. The lesson will take place if at least 2 people are present.

2. We ask to be at the studio ~15 minutes before the start of the lesson.

3. One lesson is approximately 55-60 minutes.

4. We ask not to be late!

5. It is prohibited to film or take pictures of the instructor in the class without permission!

6. The use of materials acquired from lessons for any non-personal purpose is only allowed upon receiving written agreement from Müstika Dance Studio. E.g. teaching or performing choreographies or a musical piece or lending, copying or sharing materials acquired from the
Studio etc.