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About us

Müstika Dance Studio is the biggest studio in Estonia to offer a variety of alternative dance and training styles. Müstika Dance Studio introduced styles such as American Tribal Style (ATS), Tribal Fusion and Burlesque to the Estonian dance scene.

Müstika Dance Studio has been active for more than 5 years and alongside its own lessons, e.g. Belly Dance, ATS, Tribal Fusion and other teachers and studios, both unique and exciting, operate within its rooms. Twerk, Burlesque Estonia and many others.

PS! Müstika administrators are obligated to mark up all the students attending lessons for security reasons. We also ask that You pay for the lessons according to the following:

  1. In cash to the administrator or by bank-transfer to the MTÜ Müstika stuudio account – belly dance, tribal fusion belly dance for intermediate, ATS.
  2. In cash to the teacher or by bank-transfer to the teacher if so agreed upon – twerk, burlesque, tribal fusion belly dance for advanced.

Besides dance, we are involved in various other activities - we organise events, perform, have organised and taken part in various special projects, we have won notable prizes in Estonia and abroad and have been noted for our different and original attitude towards creativity. We are proud to have such noted artists and teachers amongst us.

Müstika Dance Studio is situated in the Tallinn downtown area and is easily accessible by car, bus and tram.

Come to our lessons! The first trial lesson is ONLY 5 EUROS!!! :)

Sign up today! Call 5245 629 or write